Starting something new can be intimidating, that's why we are offering a $20 discount on your first month of virtual training. There are also no long term contracts; month to month only. Taking care of your body and your health should always be in the budget!

What is Life Trek all about?

Exercise is necessary in this day and age. Although, it used to be natural. Remember learning about the "hunters and gatherers" in your social studies class? Our ancestors' life was their exercise. Now we live in a concrete world, sitting in front of computers; not just at work but at home, too. We have to retrain our bodies to move and function properly, with a purpose. Life Trek is about Functional training, exercise with a Purpose, and breaking out of your shell - doing something you thought you couldn't! Whether it's as simple as standing up without assistance or as grand as doing a 90 lb tire flip! We want to help you live a better quality of life. All ages and all stages. The only limits are the ones you create in your mind. 

​Is Virtual Training right for you?

The gym certainly is not for everyone. Maybe you feel uncomfortable or simply prefer to workout at home. You may feel you need one on one training but cannot afford the high prices at a gym or studio. Do you like to work out on your own but still need some assistance with form, technique, or program design? Whatever your reason, virtual training offers a unique setup, you have the flexibility to choose where, when, and who you work out with; all with certified professional assistance, right from your phone!

  • National Academy of Sports Medicine Assessments

  • Customized Programs

  • Instant form and technique coaching

  • Meal Planning and Tracking

  • Log in from app or website

  • Results Tracking

  • TPI Golf programming with an in person assessment (additional fees apply)

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